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Exclusive Interview With Veneta

Music is an integral part of pop culture. It entertains and also provides a platform for change and discussion on social issues. To many, music has the capacity to reflect and influence human emotion.

Currently, there is a new generation of artists in the world who are creating a whole different sound from what we know, and these acts hope that these sounds will inspire change and bring about growth. One of them who is at the forefront is fast rising Bulgarian based singer and songwriter Veneta.Veneta has collaborated in the past with the likes of Regard, ilkan Gunuc, N.E.O.N. and many more.

Having successfully released “Summer jam” we caught up with Veneta, in an exclusive interview and she gave us an insights about her life, career and how growing up in a musical background influences her music.Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “Summer Jam” afterwards.


Prior to now you made it to the final stage of “Bulgarias got talent” and “The Voice of Bulgaria”. Which experience did you gain within this period of contest that has helped you in your music career?

Veneta: My experience with both of those formats were very beneficial in a way that I didn’t expected to be. Throughout both of them I managed to show my talents to the local community of music lovers, however I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wildly embraced musical reality formats.

You have performed in festivals such as “Bansko Balkan Fest” and many others. Do you normally have stage fright while performing?

Veneta: Of course, anytime I get on stage no matter where that stage might be in a small bar or at a huge festival in front of thousands of people, every single time I have stage fright and I think it is an essential part of being a performer. The adrenaline you get when you are on stage combined with the crowds energy make you forget about the fear and let you live in that moment!

You have worked with the likes of Regard, ilkan Gunuc, N.E.O.N. and many more on music related projects. How was it like working with these individuals?

Veneta: It has been an honour for me to have the opportunity to collaborate with those incredible artists whom I am very humble to call friends. Within all of our collaborations released and unreleased weve all managed to take inspiration from one another and I do believe that this is the most fulfilling way to collaborate. ♪ What’s the relational behind “Summer Jam”? I remember when I first heard “Summer Jam” in the early 2000s, Ive instantly fallen in love with it and it has remained one of my favourite “summer jams” since then. So when I got the opportunity to put my own spin on it, there was no doubt I had to do it. Just the pure value of all the memories I’ve had with this song was even more the reason to make it my own!

As an upcoming artiste what are some of those major challenges that you are facing that you might be needing assistant in?

Veneta: As a young and independent artist there are many challenges I had to overcome such as: my constant fear of rejection every time i reach out to somebody from the music industry, the constantly striving for perfection every single time I perform on stage, produce my vocals or even when I write my songs. But as an upcoming artist there are many more challenges ahead such as finding the right team. People that are passionate about my music as much as I am and can manage a young music artist career with a strong sense of self identity!

When did you start making music officially and what motivated you to go into music?

Veneta: Music has always been a huge part of my life. From watching VH1 & MTV with my father as a small toddler to sign up for singing and dancing lessons. To follow in that dream of being a performer into my university degree to creating my own music and releasing my first official song “This is the sound” with Tolga Mahmut. I can’t imagine my life without music and that is motivation enough for me to keep on creating and performing my own unique songs.

How has your environment influenced the kind of music that you make?

Veneta: Growing up, there was always music playing in our house and my parents played a big part of forming my music taste, exposing me to many kinds of different music and helping me find my true inspirations such as Etta James, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and Kylie Minogue and I`ll be forever grateful to my parents for giving me such a wide
understanding of all different kinds of music.

Do you have any upcoming EP or album slated to be released sooner or later?

Veneta: Throughout the past year and a half Ive been constantly writing new music and I definitely have plans to release a body of work that will be authentique to me and my creative vision. As a perfectionist myself I know good things take time. I am willing to take my sweet sweet time with it.

What are some of those feats you intend to accomplish before retiring from music?

Veneta: I truly can’t imagine my life without music and at this point I believe that one day Ill be the slightly old glamorous lady behind the mic singing her heart out to the world. Retirement is not in my plans.

How would you describe your personality as an artiste?

Veneta: I am a very passionate, expressive and emotional performer. I truly believe that being on stage is the right place for me! I am one of those artists who wears her heart on her sleeve, pours it out onto a piece of paper while humming beautiful melodies, turning every single emotion into a sound and loves the thrill and euphoria of performing live and it truly doesn’t matter how large the crowd is.

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