Exclusive Interview With Oli Benz

Exclusive Interview With Oli Benz – After releasing his brand-new heavy-hitting electronic anthem ‘Jungle Heart’ Australian-born Dance Pop sensation Oli Benz is back to discuss the making process of this new single, his personality and his journey into music in an exclusive interview with Spinex Music.The Montauk-based DJ and model has been internationally known for his legendary sets at The Surf Lodge in New York. He’s been a tastemaker and trendsetter since he first landed on the Montauk shores from his native Oz. 

Jungle Heart is the hotly anticipated follow up to Oli Benz’s recent hit single ‘Rhythm Romance’ which has hit over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone and firmly placed Oli on the map for being one of the most exciting new electronic pop artists around at the moment. From an early age his mantra was always surf by day, music by night. After being scouted at a surf shop Oli soon won the hearts of Australia as a model and actor gracing the pages of many iconic magazines and appearing in numerous well-known commercials. 

Comfortable in the spotlight and a natural behind the decks. He found himself playing at all major hot spots across NY, LA and Oz. He incorporates his early roots of jazz infusion to create a unique style of disco funk retro flair and he’s always sure to get the dancefloor tapping.Check out the interview below.


Could you please introduce yourself for the benefit of those who don’t know you? 

Hi, Im Oli Benz I’m a song write and producer in New York. Born in Australia where i played live music till i was 23 and move to New York to model. However music had a stronger influence than i realised and created a different path which is now my key focus. 

In a ration of 5-10 how good is your previous single to the latest one ‘jungle heart’?

 I think they are quite different so hard to judge. However Rhythm Romance was my first so i def hold that one up in higher regards. So let’s say RR is a 10, and JH is a 9.5. Lol 

If it wasn’t for your music career, what would you be doing right now? 

I would be still modelling in New York City, maybe co-running the wife’s business, surfing a lot more. End up back in Australia?? —— who knows! 

Briefly explain in details the making process of “Jungle Heart” and the inspiration behind it? 

Jungle Heart was a passion song that happened late night with a group of my close friends. However the more I listened to it, the more I realised there was something really special there, so I proceeded with mastering it.  At the beginning  I worked with creating the baseline first. Once that was down, Dalton Hays and I worked on the guitar hook and strings. I have a lot of Afro Latino music that i play in my DJ sets so the inspo for the drop came from that background. I love stacked percussion. 

‘Rhythm Romance’ has amassed over 500,000 streams on Spotify.How do you feel about this great feat? 

Its surprising and inspiring at the same time. I feel humbled by the love and support, which only fuels the fire to make more music.

You are known for you legendary sets at The Surf Lodge.What have been your best experience so far?

 I’ve had some really fun DJ sets there, especially 4-5 years back when the world was a lot less sensitive. However now playing my original song on the main stage would have to be my favorite experience, and incomparable to anything else. 

If you are to open a show for any of your role model in the music industry who would it be?

 Bosq, Jungle, Flight Fac, Rufus. 

You are a singer, DJ and a model, how would you describe the influence that your environment had on you in choosing your career today? 

The environment has everything to with what shaped this path. In NYC I was modelling, hustling and and burning out a little trying to make ends meet. I started making playlists incase there was a chance to play at a friends club, and having that chance enabled me to separate from being all in with modelling and have a balance between the two.Moving to Montauk was a huge change too, being around so many inspiring artists, meeting music legends, seeing these people perform and be able to open for so many, it shifted my mindset in so many ways, realising how close the big goals could be and how attainable it is if you focus on those goals. Also having three kids now makes it easy to balance the important life things – giving them the time they deserve actually fuels the passion I have to create and work hard around that. 

As an artiste who hopes to get to the top in the nearest future do you have any regret in venturing into music? Not at all. Music soothes the soul and acts like a healing property to most people. Im happy to be in it, and glad to be where I’am, even if it’s not at the top.

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