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Exclusive Interview With Olakira

After what has been a ground-breaking couple of years for Olakira’s musical career, the Afro-pop all-star is back with his most distinguished work to date. The EP includes his recent hit single ‘Sere’ which features silver plaque award winning singer Zuchu. The single hit the ground running and extended over 1 million views in its first week. He’s now set to reach new heights with a record that has been eagerly anticipated by his ever-growing worldwide fanbase.

4 play is filled with catchy melodies, major pop hooks, percussive Afrobeat rhythms, playful vocals and creates a purely heated soundscape that is “to tease and stimulate lovers of good music prior to intercourse”. Olakira Explains.With 4play, Olakira continues to explore music that feels sensual and captures pure moments of passion.With the imminent release of ‘4play’ Olakira is about to set the bar even higher for the ever-growing Afropop artists arising from Nigeria

In an exclusive interview with Spinex Music, the Nigerian-born singer Olakira, shared some pertinent things worthy of note about his musical career and his new EP “4play”. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream his new EP “4play” afterwards.


Growing up as a child in Nigeria, how would you describe the effect that your environment had on your personality today as an artiste?

Olakira: Growing up in Nigeria made me ambitious , resilient and the need to find joy and happiness in every situation. The country can be depressing so we are always looking for ways to entertain ourselves Everyday life is survival of the fittest  so the environment itself is fuel and energy to succeed.

You promoted oneness in your new Ep “4 Play” by working with the likes of Zuchu, Sho Madjozi and Moonchild Sanelly. How was the experience like working with them on this Ep, irrespective of nationality disparity.

Olakira: It is such a humbling experience for me getting to work with these talented sisters, everyone one of them have their own unique level of creativity, i am honoured to have them work with me on the  4Play EP. Music is a universal language, it has always been my dream to connect with the world through my music regardless of the country or language. This is just a step forward, there’s much more to come. 

How would you describe the effect of covid-19 in your life and career in general? Would you say the lock-down helped you in writing, recording and releasing your EP “4 Play”?

Olakira: Covid-19 really ruined a lot of lives and careers, there was nothing positive about its effects. During the height of “In My Maserati” I could have toured the world and connected with more people and my fellow musicians globally if not for the restrictions.Most of my inspirations come when meeting new people and going to new places. Lock-downs are so depressing, its just faith & the Nigerian in me again finding joy out of every situation that I was able to squeeze out 4Play EP. My little travel within Africa during the restrictions also helped.

You collaborated with Nigerian singer Davido on the remix of your hit single “In My Maserati”. How would you describe the working experience you had with him?

Olakira: It is such a wonderful experience because Davido is someone I love and admire a lot. I have always been looking forward to that time in my career where I would be able to make music with him. Working with him is a dream come true. 

What’s that wrong impression that people have about you that is not true?

Olakira: I have seen a lot of people online with the impression that I might not be able to make good music after the success of ‘In My Maserati’ my reply to them is wait and see,, I’m just getting started.

From your personal appraisal, what do you think are some of those pertinent problems that needed to be given an urgent attention in the music industry for the benefits of upcoming artistes?

Olakira: First and foremost, the government and all stake holders must create a mechanism that will see artistes benefit from their creative content.Good quality contents must be encouraged and compensated. We must stop unhelpful hype, that will mess with our creativity. 

If you aren’t in the studio recording where else can you found in your leisure time?

Olakira: I love playing video games

Who are some of the artistes that you intend collaborating with anytime soon?

Olakira: The list is endless but top of the list is Wizkid, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage to mention a few.

How do you relate with your fans?

Olakira: Mostly, I relate with my fans from time to time on all my social platforms but i connect more through live performances. 

If given the nod to change anything in the music industry what are the two major things that you will be considering first according to your order of priority?

Olakira: First task will be to ensure musicians receive fair compensation for the streaming of their creative contents in Nigeria and I would end the hostility towards independent upcoming acts in the country, give everyone fair and equal platforms without prejudice 


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