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Exclusive Interview With Jack Rose

Fast rising UK singer and songwriter Jack Rose, is a real definition and epitome of talent.The mult-talented singer who doubles to be a TV presenter from Ashford, Kent recently got interviewed by us and he shared some important information with us regarding his numerous achievements, his latest single ‘Rockstar’ and the inspirations behind his writing.

However, following on from the recent success of his previous single ‘Better on My Own’ which reached No 6 in the Music Week UK Official commercial pop chart, Jack Rose, again another new impressive new powerful pop anthem titled ‘Rockstar’ which was backed by an all-star cast of some the UK’s hottest producers.Jack Rose has toured with some of the best artistes in Uk and he began his career posting covers of popular songs online.In 2017, he featured on a charity single with stars from the TV show Gogglebox, which reached No6 in the iTunes Chart.Check out the interview below and be stream to stream ‘ROCKSTAR’afterwards.


Your song ‘On my own’ peaked at No 6 in the Music Week UK Official commercial pop chart. How was the feeling like when you got to about this?

I was so happy! I was totally blown away No 6 in the Music Week UK Official commercial pop chart means so much really very proud : )

You have graced the front and back cover of the Music Week magazine, as well as being championed by the Official Charts Company, as “The One to Watch”. What was your reaction towards this and did you see it coming?

I was shocked! When I first started singing I never thought the Official Charts would ever notice me let alone say I’m ‘one to watch’ so no I never saw it coming.

You are the host of Amazon TV series Ghost Hunting with Jack Rose where you explore haunted sites across the UK with host of celebrity guests. How do you balance being a TV host with your music career?

Filming the Ghost Hunting show is great fun and we get some really great stuff.  I miss it so much with the pandemic it has put filming on hold but looking forward to getting out there when we can.  Music is my passion and I love doing the ghost hunting so I think when you enjoy what you are doing balancing it is easy. 

You began your music career by posting covers of popular songs online and by the age of 13 you had already amassed more than 1.2 million views. What motivated you to start posting cover of popular songs online?

I Just Grew up always loving singing and I decided to record a music video for a contest which I went on to win and I posted the video online and loads of my friends said I should do it more. And here I am now haha.

You have toured with legendary Faith Evans on her UK tour and as well supported TinchyStryder, Shane Lynch, Dane Bowers etc. How was the experience like working with these great personalities?

Mind blowing! Like I listened to a lot of Tinchy when I was younger and to support him was incredible on a personal level and I’m so proud to have supported and performed with incredible talent: )

What’s the rationale behind the title‘Rockstar’ that you chose for your recent single?

Your song “Let This Be” was included in Spotify’s New Music Friday and also peaked at No 20 in the iTunes Top 200 Pop Chart. How do you feel about this great feat?

It was a song I didn’t think would get into the charts at all because it was an experiment to see what the reaction to me singing differentgenre to what I’m used to so when it charted I was really pleased : )

What are the major challenges that you normally face when writing and recording a new song?

 Sometimes writing is easy it there it works it great but other times you can struggle nothing works I normally try to put it to one side walk away let it come when it ready trying to force it never works. 

Trying to find the right mind set sometimes can be hard because I can be in the mood to write and ill sit down and nothing comes to me but sometimes it comes to me randomly

Who are you musically influenced by and how has he/her impacted your personality and the kind of music that you make?

My music now is very influenced by artists such as 24k Golden and Post Malone! Music changes all the time so I guess who influences me changes too.  Ed Sheeran amazing song writer and performer so many to many to name.

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