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Eva Grace – I Cannot H8 U

Eva Grace admits “i cannot h8 u” in her brand new single – available everywhere now. Dainty vocals with hard-hitting production portrays the inner emotional conflict – sad, yet angry, and raging with regret. Post-breakup hate can mask guilt, but when the weight is heavy and love is still there, Eva Grace puts that turmoil into a song, creating a foolproof, electric-pop confessional. 

“This song is about looking back on how I mistreated someone and can’t stop replaying all of the bad things I did in my head,”Eva Grace discloses. “It’s about wishing the very best for someone even though they don’t want anything to do with you anymore.”

An alt-pop expressionist, Eva Grace owns up to her faults through her music, with an agonizing awakening and raw frustration. “I feel like a lot of people are afraid to write about how they were the crappy one in a relationship, but I’ve definitely made a lot of mistakes in the past and I touch on it a lot in my writing,” Eva explains. She opens up about the repercussions of those faults in “i cannot h8 you” – written solely by Eva Grace. 


“i cannot h8 u” is now available on all streaming platforms. For more on Eva Grace, follow her on social media @imevagrace

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