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Dylon Maggio Shares New Single – Fire in the Room

Dylon Maggio Shares New Single – Fire in the Room: Dylon Maggio is an artist who has found himself on more than one creative front. Having always been infatuated with music from a young age, the passion was derided at 18, where he then became a fashion model. Travelling the world and becoming more in tune with that world, music then came calling for Maggio once again, and this time he couldn’t refuse.

Working with 15-time Grammy award winning Mick Guzaauski, Dylon has been able to manufacture and personify his own unique pop sound, influenced heavily by the greats in Harry Styles, The Weeknd and Prince to name but a few. Since then he has had the honour of performing at the renowned Rockwood Music Hall, built a substantial streaming audience with hsi five releases to date and quickly found his sonic direction as an artist to relate to and invest in.

It’s clear that Dylon is a man with many talents; from fashion to music, dancing to senior level basketball, he is now primarily focusing on making his sound stand out above the noise in 2023.


Only releasing music for a year now, he has shown in a relatively short space of time, especially in this industry, that he can produce relevant and accessible pop songs.

‘Fire in the Room’ is Dylon Maggio’s sixth single and his finest work yet. Immediately hitting those melodic synth lines reminiscent of Styles’ ‘As It Was’, he then has no trouble in more than matching the highly catchy production with some impressive vocal lines. Dylon’s range really stands out in this one, holding a very high tenor voice in the chorus that stands among the best in the business.

You can hear the influences aforementioned, but Dylon then takes it onto his own sound world with ‘Fire in the Room’. On the face of it this pop song sounds straightforward, but it is embedded with layers of complex melodies that really ring true to the ear. It’s clever, infectious and holds all the ingredients for a real chart-hitting pop track, and with the team already existing around Dylon, it’s evident that this is only the first of many big releases in 2023.

The ideology behind a modern pop song is for it to be firmly planted in your head, and ‘Fire in the Room’ does exactly that, with people wanting to instantly press repeat. Maggio has firmly imprinted his offering into the vast and ever moving pop universe, but with songs like this, he will only continue the momentum he is building and have a huge year ahead.

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