Chelsey James -The Men and the Boys

Chelsey James -The Men and the Boys

Fast rising American songstress Chelsey James has officially released her long-awaited single dubbed   “The Men and the Boys”.On  “The Men and the Boys” Chelsey James proves that couples don’t need to fight over the aux cord.”I wanted to write something that could compete musically with the men who are dominating country music by using the power of a female’s voice,” James asserts.

“There’s this stigma separating men and women in country music and beyond, but I don’t think it needs to be there; female emotions can take on an energy that’s historically been viewed as masculine and vice versa.”For Chelsey James, this is a track that can make women feel confident about what they want, while simultaneously making men feel proud to bring their true character to the table.

“The Men and the Boys” captures the real Chelsey James, with powerhouse vocals and barn-burning production. The women in country music aren’t one size fits all, and James will be damned if she lets herself be pigeon-holed.


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