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Bow Wow Faces Backlash for Performing at Packed Nightclub

Bow Wow is coming under fire for performing at a packed nightclub in Houston amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.The rapper was celebrating club promoter Larry Morrow’s birthday during a kickoff event at Clé Houston on Friday night (Jan. 15), which was hosted by Meek Mill.

Bow Wow shared footage on Instagram performing to hundreds of partygoers, who are mostly maskless. No social distancing guidelines appeared to be in effect despite the surging COVID cases in Texas.

The next morning, Bow Wow’s name began trending after the video went viral, while social media put him on blast.

“So wait, people risking their life in a packed club to see BOW WOW??? BOW WOW?” asked one Twitter user, while another added, “I can think of a million better ways to die… but to be struggling on a vent bc you went to see bow wow in the year of our lord 2021…that ain’t it.”

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