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Beth Crowley Releases “The Witcher” Inspired Track “In The End”

Beth Crowley Releases “The Witcher” Inspired Track “In The End” – American singer and songwriter Beth Crowley has released her magical video for her new cinematic single “In The End”, based on Netflix’s hit series The Witcher. The single and accompanying music video are Crowley at her best- sensual, memorable, and effortlessly classic.

“In The End”, the latest single and video from Beth Crowley takes us on a magical journey through a powerful relationship. Beginning in a dark, witchy room and weaving through luxurious outdoor scenery, the tragic love story unfolding is accompanied by cello and violin, blending seamlessly with Crowley’s haunting vocals. Beth brings us back in time to castles, magic, and forbidden love. The two characters of this story are so entangled in each other that they will come back for more, and their love will “burn until there’s nothing left”.

Not only is this video visually beautiful, but Beth’s powerful voice and painful lyrics are captivating. The strong emotions are amplified by the booming percussion and intense instrumentals, including Beth’s classic piano and string combo. “In The End” is the perfect ballad for any intense love.


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