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As Per Casper Drops Latest Alternative R&B Single ‘Heat’

As Per Casper Drops Latest Alternative R&B Single ‘Heat’: Dubai-based alternative fusion artist, As Per Casper, is making waves with their latest single, “Heat,” extracted from their highly anticipated EP titled ‘Flow.’ Led by frontwoman and talented singer-songwriter Carla Saad, As Per Casper showcases a unique blend of traditional Western and Arabic influences, resulting in rich, symphonic musical pieces that captivate listeners’ hearts.

“Heat” stands as a shining example of As Per Casper’s artistic prowess, offering an alternative R&B experience that demonstrates the collective’s ability to seamlessly merge genres. Joining forces with Los Angeles record producer and artist, Font Leroy, Carla Saad and her ensemble have crafted a chilled alternative R&B gem. The track weaves together slick production techniques, dreamy melodies, and warm vocal harmonies, providing the perfect backdrop for the profound lyrical content. “Heat” delves into the depths of a yearning for a lost love, while simultaneously finding beauty in the pain it has caused.

Carla Saad, the creative mind behind As Per Casper, firmly believes in the power of music to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes. In a world growing increasingly polarized, music serves as a catalyst for exchanging ideas and stories. The collaborative nature of As Per Casper allows artists from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and cultures, fostering a sense of unity that extends beyond the realms of music. Carla Saad, with her Syrian-Palestinian heritage and connections to Dubai, the UK, and Berlin, is a testament to the rich musical diversity and cultural fusion that exists between the East and the West.

In 2016, As Per Casper released their debut album, “Hit The Ground,” which soared to the top of the iTunes Middle East chart. Since then, the collective, led by Carla Saad, has graced numerous stages throughout the UAE and beyond. Notable performances include Expo 2020, where they headlined alongside Mariah Carey and Hussein Al Jasmi, as well as appearances at the Mother of the Nation festival, sharing the stage with Craig David and Sherine. They have also participated in the prestigious Fête de la Musique at the Dubai Opera. Their accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, garnering support from publications like Vogue Arabia and receiving multiple nominations for “Best Original Act” and “Best Local Act/Band” at the TimeOut Dubai and What’s On Awards. Furthermore, As Per Casper has collaborated with renowned brands such as Shure, Absolut Vodka, and LUSH.

Now returning with their latest single, “Heat,” and an upcoming EP titled ‘Flow,’ As Per Casper aims to continue inspiring others to collaborate, engage in discussions, and exchange ideas through their music. The collective’s unwavering commitment to breaking boundaries and nurturing creative unity establishes them as a force to be reckoned with in the alternative fusion scene. As Per Casper’s enchanting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics encourage listeners to embrace diversity and celebrate the power of musical collaboration.

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