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Arliston unleash their emotive Single – Mountaineer

Arliston Unleash Their Emotive Single – Mountaineer.Arliston are the latest alternative outfit to come out of the capital. A trio comprising three completely different music backgrounds and personalities; Jordi, Jack and George all provide genre influences ranging from metal to indie, from all corners of the UK and beyond. This has resulted in a sonically diverse alternative-pop sound and since their forming back in 2018, Arliston have featured in the likes of Clash Magazine, The 405 and KaltBlut, as well as editorial Spotify support. 

They released the first installment of their highly anticipated EP ‘Centre’ in October, and it was an electric return. Soaking you in their superb and transcendent alt-pop sound, ‘Centre’ cuts right through the noise, and is full of aching keys, alongside Jack’s ethereal and distinctive vocals setting the scene.

Arliston Unleash Their Emotive Single - Mountaineer


Now choosing to switch the mood and showcase the contrast they can design with their music, with second single ‘Mountaineer’. The song leads with an unravelling and characterful piano line that wists you away, before bringing you back with what isn’t the melody line you would expect to follow. Symbolising their individualistic approach to their craft, the octave covered vocal is soft and delicate, in what is a song all about the point of no return.

The song slowly builds with electric drum pads and echoing synths, gently layering upon each verse and chorus, before closing with the same stirring falsetto. ‘I cut the ropes like a mountaineer’ is the lyric that the song falls back to, and you can feel the emotion within the tonality of Jack’s voice in what is another stunning performance.


Once again showing glimpses of The National and influenced by the likes of Big Red Machine and Damien Rice, ‘Mountaineer’ is an insight into the different levels of explorations within a genre this group can undertake, and it’s more than impressive. It also symbolises their limitless potential as a group and force to be reckoned with. The first two tracks have built excitement to what is going to be an astounding EP from Arliston.

Speaking more on Mountaineer’ and what it means, Arliston explains:

“Mountaineer was one of those rare little gems where everything just fell

into place immediately. There was very little agonizing over parts, or re-recording. It was such a wonderful experience to be in a state of flow, and just ‘do’ rather than overthink. We’re so happy with the result.”

“This song is about facing the moment, that decision of whether to save yourself by

cutting someone loose, and the guilt you feel for making that decision.”

“I will admit, I often feel a bit lost with too much experimentation, maybe even a bit anxious, that I may be losing my way. But here, Arliston masterfully pushes the listener into new and refreshingly unexpected realms of sonic combinations while keeping anchored in a strong, stabilizing percussion.”

Arliston Unleash Their Emotive Single – Mountaineer

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