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7Descent Shares Behind the Song “Ooh Child” Inspirational and Moving Video

7Descent’s Lead Guitarist and band leader,  takes us behind the song of their new cover of The Five Stairsteps “Ooh Child”. This song was inspired by the tragic passing of Founding Member Ed Taylor’s parents to Covid 19 less than 24 hrs apart in March of 2021. “Ooh Child” is available now for streaming & download.

7Descent’s cover of The Five Stairsteps “Ooh Child” pulls away from Chicago Soul and gives us a rock focused twist on this hit. While keeping the use of the present trumpet opening, 7Descent amplifies their rock sound by making the drumline heavier and using a hefty electric guitar as the rhythmic pulse.


The vocals shift from silky smooth to a more honest grit, but adds the use of falsetto harmonies to pay tribute to the song’s soul roots. Overall, 7Descent’s power ballad rendition allows us to hear such familiar lyrics in a whole different way.  Lending to the harmony and iconic vocals are Cat Fritchman and Chelsea Fuller

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