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Soulful and Inspiring: An Exclusive Interview with Indie Musician Kay Soul

We are thrilled to have the immensely talented indie musician, Kay Soul, join us today to share her extraordinary music journey. Since childhood, music has been an integral part of her soul, providing a profound outlet for self-expression. However, it was a heart-wrenching loss, the passing of a close friend, that made her realize the crucial significance of pursuing a career in music as a means of survival. From that poignant moment forward, she wholeheartedly dedicated herself to her craft, using her life experiences and the universal language of music to inspire others.

Kay Soul’s style and sound are truly exceptional, setting her apart in a sea of artists. With a distinct tone and mesmerizing vocal delivery, her music leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners. She takes great pride in her ability to seamlessly blend genres, steering clear of trends and instead creating music that emanates straight from the depths of her soul.

Building on the success of her EP titled “Connections,” Kay Soul’s current single, “Profit A Man,” fearlessly delves into the state of society and the willingness of individuals to compromise their morals and values for the pursuit of fame, fortune, and social influence. Looking ahead, she is already immersed in working on her highly anticipated full-length album titled “Heavy Set,” slated for release next year. Through this upcoming album, Kay Soul will further showcase her exceptional artistry and visionary approach.

As an indie musician, Kay Soul harbors long-term goals that encompass becoming a touring artist, and sharing her music with audiences worldwide. Her ultimate aspiration is to write timeless songs that leave an indelible impact on the lives of all who have the privilege of hearing them. With an unwavering commitment to her craft and an unyielding dedication to creating music with depth and meaning, Kay Soul’s journey is poised to soar to new heights in the years to come.

Join us as we delve deeper into this inspiring conversation with an artist whose music touches hearts, instills change, and forges powerful connections with listeners. Don’t miss the captivating interview below, and be sure to stream Kay Soul’s extraordinary music afterward.


Can you tell us about your journey as an indie musician? What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Music has always been an outlet for me since I was a child.  I always desired to make music where I could share my life experiences and inspire others. Music is a universal language that allows us to connect to shared human emotions. For a while, I didn’t believe in myself, but after the death of a close friend, I could no longer pretend that I didn’t need music for my survival. I decided to pursue my career seriously and ten years later I’m still going strong. 

How would you describe your unique style and sound as an artist?

What sets you apart from other musicians?I have a unique tone and vocal delivery that is very distinguishable when you hear my music.  It stands out because I blend all genres of music and never seek to follow trends. I make music from my soul strictly for the love of the art as it is given to me by God. When you hear a Kay Soul record you know it’s me based on my vocal layering, developed delivery and storytelling style. 

Could you share some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an indie musician and how you overcame them?

It can be challenging to be taken seriously as an artist especially when you don’t have the “machine” behind you.  It can be challenging to budget and know the best use of resources to get the most return on your investment.  You always have to be researching, on guard, and playing multiple roles in order to protect your art and get the word out. 

What is your creative process like? How do you approach songwriting and composing music?

I love to spend intimate time with my art.  I spend long hours in my home studio recording demos and flushing out any ideas I have in my head.  I love playing with vocal layering and harmony. Sometimes I’m just a student at home watching music docs and youtube videos of legendary performances. I draw inspiration from everything around me. 

Are there any particular themes or messages that you aim to convey through your music? What inspires your lyrics?

I am a cause warrior for mental health awareness and I am a highly intuitive and spiritual person.  My music centers on themes of self-healing, love, and spirituality.  I share stories as parables with higher universal meanings designed to heal the hurt, mind, and soul. 

Tell us about your latest project.

Last year I released a 6 song EP entitled “Connections” all about the connections we have with ourselves and others.  I followed up the project with my current single “Profit A Man”. “Profit A Man” came from my desire to speak on the current state of society and the willingness of people to compromise their morals and values for fame, fortune, and clout.  I am also working on a new full-length album entitled “Heavy Set” that I will release next year.  

What are your long-term goals as an indie musician? Where do you see yourself and your music in the next few years?

My long-term goal is to become a touring artist.  I hope to travel the world performing my music and writing timeless songs that leave an undeniable impact on the lives of all who hear it.

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