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Sabrina Ponte Releases New Single ‘The Good Guy’

Sabrina Ponte Releases New Single ‘The Good Guy’: Nashville-based recording artist, model, actress, and humanitarian, Sabrina Ponte, has just released her latest single, “The Good Guy,” a sentimental tune that aims to change the narrative surrounding the term “daddy issues” and express gratitude to the good men who have positively influenced our lives. Released just in time for Father’s Day, this sweet song not only pays tribute to Sabrina’s own father but also empowers listeners by reminding them of their worth and encouraging them never to settle for less. By emphasizing the importance of good men in our lives, Ponte hopes to inspire both men and women to strive for strong and positive relationships.

With immense talent in multiple creative domains, Sabrina Ponte is not only a gifted singer but also a signed model/actress. Her success in the Miss America Organization is a testament to her continued dedication, and she is currently vying for the Miss Tennessee crown this June. However, beyond her individual achievements, Ponte’s true passion lies in making a difference within her community, and she utilizes the power of music to reach that goal.

Through her involvement in various charitable endeavors, including fundraising for The Children’s Miracle Network, women’s scholarships, and organizations fighting hunger in Tennessee, Ponte demonstrates her commitment to giving back. Furthermore, as a clinical psychology graduate student, she advocates for mental health through her platform, “Guided and Grounded.” Ponte’s active participation in the Nashville Symphony Chorus further highlights her love for music and her desire to contribute positively to the artistic community.

“The Good Guy” opens with a gentle fingerstyle melody accompanied by soothing guitar slides. Ponte’s vocals, light and airy, beautifully deliver her thoughtful lyrics, creating an alluring atmosphere. The addition of percussive elements such as shakers and drums enhances the song’s comforting ambiance while drawing listeners in. The track is especially relatable for many fans, as it paints a heartwarming picture of a loving and warm relationship between a father and daughter, evoking the sense of security that comes with finding a partner who lives up to the standards set by a loving father. Through this heartfelt tune, Ponte leaves her audience feeling grateful and confident, exemplifying her overarching goal of using the power of music to make a difference.

Sabrina Ponte’s journey to success began at a young age, as she actively participated in her church choir, theater productions, and opera. Her passion for music led her to graduate from the New England Conservatory of Music while still in high school and later from Berklee College of Music. With her undeniable talent and compassionate nature, Ponte strives to make a positive impact, believing that even small actions can create a significant difference in someone’s life.

Reflecting on her aspirations, Ponte states, “I truly hope to use my platform to be able to make a difference. One person can make a difference, not everyone needs to do what we think are big miraculous things because one small thing can really be that miraculous thing in someone’s day.”

Before the release of “The Good Guy,” Sabrina Ponte gained recognition with her previous singles, “Rodeo Heart,” “Head Over Heels,” and “Chance of Whiskey,” all of which received favorable responses from the media and press. With each release, Ponte continues to impress and captivate audiences, showcasing her artistic versatility and unwavering commitment to her craft.

As Ponte’s music touches the hearts of listeners and her philanthropic efforts uplift communities, she remains a shining example of the transformative power of music and the profound impact one individual

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