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Rod212 Shares New Single – Really Not Okay

Blurring the lines of hip-hop and R&B, Rod212 is a rising artist/producer born and raised in Chicago. In college, he stumbled upon a YouTube video of Soulja Boy making beats and spent that summer immersed in endless FruityLoops tutorial sessions. Motivated by the undeniable magnetism of Drake and the vivacious energy of Skrillex, he perused his late mother’s records for inspiration and coveted samples. As a producer, Rod212 crafted beats for other artists until he decided to compete as a lyricist and artist in his own right.

Now with several well-received releases of his own under his belt, Rod212 is kicking off 2023 with a bang with the release of his brand-new single, “Really Not Okay”. The track is an instant earworm with its infectious hook and Rod212’s pulsating rap delivery and lyrical abilities on clear display. The track is boosted further by the lush vocals of featured artists Sal Ly and Rico Maz. 


With lyrics such as “I’m stronger now more than ever / I’m doing better / That’s right I’m doing okay”, the track’s universal lyrical themes will easily resonate with listeners. Elaborating further, Rod212 says, “It’s hard to let people know about our pain and the things we think are wrong. We want people to tell us everything is okay, but the truth is, sometimes it’s not okay. This song is for anyone who has experienced love and heartbreak.”

Rod212 Shares New Single “Really Not Okay”

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