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Pheelip Muse Releases New Single – Sombodi

Pheelip Muse Releases New Single – Sombodi: This fresh new Afrobeat single is born from the masterful mind of prolific Amapiano force Pheelip Muse – ‘Sombodi,’ is a remarkable blend of gorgeous melodies and harmonically layered timbres which culminate in a wonderful fashion. Flaunting a range of instrumental layers – 2-3 clave rhythm drums, deep 808 pulsing synth bass, melodically interwoven piano & keyboard chords, huge brass section and prominent trumpet – ‘Sombodi,’ is arguably already the Afrobeat anthem of the year! With help from Afrobeat legendary producer kelikume De Hitmake, Pheelip brought this track to life with his incessantly catchy flow and awesome lyrics; ‘I like the way you love me love the way you like me too believe me when I say you’re beautiful.

The songs lyrical focus hones in on that feeling of sheer happiness of being in a relationship where both partners pour all their energy into a healthy relationship throughout all the rough times and smooth patches. Overall, ‘Sombodi,’ is an essential listen for every Afrobeat or Amapiano fan – truly Pheelip Muse’s best work to date.


Hailing from the thriving capital of culture along Nigeria’s Eastern coast in Imo StatePheelip Muse (also known by his real  name Ogidi Ikechukwu Philip) is a consistent musician in the Afrobeat scene. With influence from similar artists Burna Boy, Wizkid, Brymo & RemaPheelip embarked on his musical journey back in 2016 and has blossomed magnificently with each and every release in his discography – growing in stature with each and every single. He is a prominent name in Nigerian music circles who is one of the most promising talents in the scene and he is carving his way into the scene with his unique sound & harmonic voice – Pheelip Muse truly is a star of the future.

Pheelip Muse Releases New Single – Sombodi

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