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Oxlade Discusses Proud Nigerian Roots & Performs ‘Want You’

Oxlade Discusses Proud Nigerian Roots & Performs ‘Want You’: Nigeria’s own Oxlade joins Pandora for the first installation of ‘Africa’s Next: Spotlight.’ 

During his conversation with Juan G., Oxlade discusses the constant surge of emerging artists in his hometown, making a name for himself in the states, and gives a special performance of his hit song “Want You.” 

Africa’s Next tells the story of the evolution of Afro-pop music in real time through artist interviews focusing on the musical styles emanating from the African continent, its impact on the larger pop culture landscape and the cultural experiences and connections within the global African diaspora.

This initiative is a continuous program that invigorates and introduces our audience to the artists that are helping to shape the Afrobeat space as a global genre.

Watch the interview/performance below

Oxlade Discusses Proud Nigerian Roots & Performs ‘Want You’
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