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Madam Gabrielle Joins Bollywood’s Film Industry

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith is a part of Bollywood’s film industry. She has done interviews that were based in India with notable Bollywood stars. Some of these names are Subrat Dutta, Gazal Dhaliwal, and filmmaker Chaubey.

Smith is becoming is already global at age 24. She has accomplished so much that it’s a long list to name. The three major entertainment sectors in the world are Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood. She is respected in all three entertainment worlds. 

It is very hard to get into Hollywood in America, let alone Nollywood. To be a part of Bollywood also makes her different. She is a true inspiration for young women.

“People are calling me a true inspiration for my generation and the young generation.”

Spinex: What are your hopes for helping Bollywood with any industry issues?

“They do not struggle much with colorism. They struggle with women’s equality more so, similarly to the American entertainment industry. Women are paid less in Hollywood and also in Bollywood. This is where Bollywood meets Hollywood. I want to fix this tremendously. There are a lot of notable women that work very hard and get paid less. Why? The gender norms in this world do not make sense. It is slowly getting a fix, but it needs to hurry up. I interviewed Bollywood star Subrat Dutta and I respect him for telling the truth and I told the truth too. He was unaware that women’s equality existed in Hollywood. Oh, it runs rapidly in the industry. 

Spinex: Madam Gabrielle, how do you plan to accomplish this goal and fix it?

Madam Gabrielle: You will see. I have made it known just by doing the interview with Bollywood actor Subrat. This is the start of making a change in Hollywood and Bollywood. Before doing the interview, I was not aware of this issue in Bollywood. i thought it was women’s equality. I am trying to bring two industries together and will fix the women’s equality issue. Lately, in Hollywood, there has been a big swift with women creating films and television like that want. So, the issue is getting better very much since the interview. 

Spinex: What about our film industry Nollywood?

Madam Gabrielle: Nollywood does not have this issue. Women create things in Nollywood more than men. Whereas, in America, it is slowly becoming equal.

Stephanie says, “Our case is different. We are trying to take over everything. Africa has always been predominantly women. I do not feel my voice is lost or my power is going away. I feel I can do anything. Whatever I think I do. I do not feel I am being limited because of being a woman.

 This does not even cross my mind. That is not my reality. I feel it should not be anybody’s reality. It is an excuse for you not to push beyond the boundaries. The good thing about the Nollywood industry is that women are dominated. The women are the ones breaking all the barriers.”


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