Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Takes Over United Kingdom’s & DMV’s Asian’s Underground Music Business

International Gabrielle Alexandra has many talents. Music is one of things that help with her anxiety. Currently, she recently had a meeting with an Asian rapper about managment in preparation for The Coalition DJs, DC Chapter. 

At 24, Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith represents The Big Tyme Show, which recently made a partnership with Coalitions DJs, DC Chapter. She is an Artists & Repertoire, A&R under The Big Tyme Show.

“I want to merge culture together making the undergound music culture in Washington, DC better. The underground music culture my city Washington, DC is missing so instruments and lines and delivery. I can help. I have done interviews in Asia.” 

“Why can’t we merge Asian culture in the mix? Everyone eat chinese food, but cannot give the Asian underground music culture a chance.

The DMV stands for DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

I just brought coined The Washington Renaissance, which is currently happening.
Washington, DC has just become a musical melting pot.”

Madam has more meetings to set up with producers, managers, rappers in the underground industry and meetings with people in the upper echelon music industry located in the United Kindgom and Asia and the DMV.

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