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Lance Curtis Releases American Anthem “Land Of The Free”

Lance Curtis Releases American Anthem “Land Of The Free” – Country singer/songwriter Lance Curtis makes his return to the spotlight with his roaring new single “Land of the Free.” “Land of the Free” shows Curtis’ talent in a new light, as the track showcases his ability to write and record country rock with just as much authority and conviction as he has when singing country.

Lance has never been afraid to use parallels about relationships to sculpt his art and “Land of the Free” is no exception, being a tune that expresses an equal infatuation both towards his partner and the home of the brave. Ignoring Curtis’ ability to pick a band would also serve injustice. The hard-hitting drummer (Lonnie Wilson) and locked-in bassist keep the beat alive and in your face as the guitarist rips a solo that creates nothing short of a complete powerhouse moment. It is clear that all the musicians are well-informed A-List players with style to the point of second nature.


Lance’s patriotic and clever lyricism make this song what it is, a feel-good country jam with a lot of heart behind it. Lance’s artistry embodies this, as he finds his inspiration and self fufilling prophecy through classic country artists and small-town America. 

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