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Joyce Kennedy Shares New EP “Rock’n My Soul”

Joyce Kennedy has brought her soul into her new EP “Rock’n My Soul”, bringing a strong rock/funk fusion with powerful vocals and ripping confident lyrics. 

Her EP starts with “My Bad” setting the rock atmosphere bringing religious imagery with the idea of rock as a concept. The track is an absolute headbanger, with extremely powerful instrumentals that will have you in awe of beats you never knew you could experience! 

Joyce continues strong with the remaining songs of her new EP, showing her confidence with “Luv Me, Love Me” and “Do Me Right”, where she breaks the taboo surrounding female sexuality, empowering women all over the world. 

With “Save Me,” “Funk A-while,” and “Tears of Stone,” Joyce gives her EP a nice twist by adding chill, upbeat, and rock ballad vibes to her songs while she continues to empower women. In addition to that, Joyce brings emotion in her fourth song (“Save Me”) as she emphasizes that we can be strong, even though we may need a little help in life sometimes. Furthermore, her last song “Tears of Stone” gives the audience a final stroke of greatness with a gripping rap feature, as she discusses the hardships that come with being the funk-rock star that she is.

Therefore, Joyce’s new EP is a stellar example of her style, showing her range and power beautifully and with great diversity, ensuring something for everyone to enjoy. Kennedy’s EP surely is a great fit for any rock/funk playlist and/or if you’re simply feeling adventurous.

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