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 HEIGHTS Releases Vibrant New EP ‘Glow’

HEIGHTS Releases Vibrant New EP ‘Glow’: Self-produced songwriter HEIGHTS has been making waves in the music industry with her unique blend of emotive bedroom-pop. Her music has the ability to soundtrack any indie coming-of-age film, making her an artist to watch out for. With her latest EP ‘Glow’, due for release on April 28th, HEIGHTS continues to captivate her audience with four infectious soundscapes.

The EP is born out of instability and documents the highs and lows of new love, navigating changing friendships, deteriorating mental health, and losing grip on once-important lifelines. It showcases HEIGHTS’ personal and relatable storytelling, which has earned her critical acclaim.

The lead single and title track of the EP, ‘GLOW’, is a prime example of HEIGHTS’ work. The song features lo-fi beats, warming layers of synth, atmospheric vocal samples, subby bass, and silky smooth vocals that deliver a sumptuous and affecting electronic-pop sound. The song is both euphoric and empowering, and its lyrics are relatable and engaging.


This EP follows HEIGHTS’ first EP, ‘LMSY’, which garnered nearly 1 million streams and earned her plays on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, as well as features in The Sound You Need, Dork, Wonderland & Clash. Her growing popularity has seen her feature on tracks with the likes of Feed Me & The Xcerts and play at The Great Escape 2022. With this new release, HEIGHTS continues her rapid growth as an artist.

In conclusion, HEIGHTS’ new EP ‘Glow’ is a captivating and engaging work that showcases the artist’s unique blend of emotive bedroom-pop. With its relatable storytelling, infectious soundscapes, and eclectic musical approach, HEIGHTS continues to establish herself as one of the most exciting artists in the industry. Fans of indie and electronic-pop music alike will not be disappointed with this latest release.

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