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Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Joins Hollywood and Nollywood

International Journalist Gabrielle Alexandra Smith has officially joined Nollywood and Hollywood. Nollywood is Nigeria’s entertainment industry. While Hollywood is The United States entertainment industry. 

Spinex is currently in the works of giving her a music podcast, where she would interview top music celebrities and review their music. The name is currently understood consideration Her accomplishments in America have spilled over to Nigeria. 

International Journalist Gabrielle Alexandra Smith has worked in Nollywood interviewing model and actress Stephanie Okereke Linus and Uti Nwachukwu.


Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith’s background in journalism is highly respected and young girls look up to her as an example setter. We had time to speak with her:

Spinex: What do you hope to accomplish and change in Nollywood?

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: “I want to bridge the gap between colorism and fix the gender norms in Nollywood. I spoke with a Nollywood actor and he told me issues in the industry. I would like to change how discrimination is seen in the industry. Just like in America, colorism is an issue. Nigeria and America, black is beautiful of all shades, shapes, and sizes.”

Spinex: Excellent answer. We hope you can fix issues in entertainment as you did in America. Colorism is a big issue here.

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: “It is also in America.”

Spinex: How do you plan to fix it, Madam?

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: “You will have to see.”

Spinex: Tell us about your memoir called Herstory. 

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: My memoir is about my journey about the world from my dorm at Suny Purchase. I lived two lives. I was a journalist in America’s entertainment industry called Hollywood. Then, I was also just a student pursuing two degrees in Communications and English. I did walk on stage twice to receive both degrees. I also interviewed at once one person in every state and continent in just 13 days.An extremely jealous and negative roommate of mine told me, “No one would ever know Gabrielle Alexandra Smith.”

Spinex: How did you graduate and obtain 2 degrees and make a journey around the world?

 Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith:  A white woman named Dr. Kidd who is Lutheran helped me. She is one of my mentors. 

Spinex: How old are you, Madam?

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: 24  

Instagram: gabrielle_alexandra_smithFacebook: Gabrielle Alexandra Smith

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