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Feelz Releases New Single – Will You Be My ft. DeVries

Feelz Releases New Single – Will You Be My ft. DeVries: EDM artist and top Nashville DJ and producer Feelz release new single “Will You Be My” (ft. DeVries). The song is now available on all streaming platforms. 

This track by Feelz will compel anyone to get up and dance. Hype instrumentals that build and fall in just the right way are accompanied by the silky-smooth vocals of the song’s feature singer, DeVries. A chill start with simple piano chords is soon joined by synth drives and clapping, building with bumping hits before the beat finally drops and the rest of the song leans back into those clean vocals and splashes of electronica that coat any hype-builder, before building again and repeating the whole process in a way that can only be described as seamless.

The lyrics are simple, but they add a clear emotion to the song, and the music builds and drops move in tandem with the vocals to heighten their lyrical and sonic impact. Sure to be a crowd favorite, this is another hit from Feelz.

“Will You Be My” is a synth adventure full of beat drops, build-ups, juicy rhythms, and strong vocals. It has elements that make it perfect for a club setting, party, or even just sitting at home jamming out.

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