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DreamRich DreMo Delivers a Track “Made Me” feat. Foogiano & TimmyTechnicolor

DreamRich DreMo has seen it all in the music industry and is set to make his mark in the worldwide music industry. In 2022, DreamRich DreMo released a new track titled “Made Me”, featuring Gucci Mane’s Artist Foogiano and TimmyTechnicolor and it is a certified hit. DreMo has for a moment turned all the attention to a new sound of Hip Hop which he has created with his track “Made Me”. At the end of 2021, DreMo dropped a dope song titled “Walk”, (Feat. Bri Biase) which has gained thousands of streams on all streaming platforms and has been recognized on Major News outlets. 


Since then, DreMo has developed a fan base that to this day continues to grow. His music has been listened to and shared internationally over mainstream, online, and satellite radio. Today, DreamRich DreMo continues to make music and is committed to his successful music career. He hopes to inspire others by leading by example. He believes in striving for success and only competing with nobody but your old self. He is always looking for new ways to improve his habits and creative operation. 

Some tips he would like to share with upcoming and striving artists are to be authentic, follow your heart & intuition, practice faith daily, and always believe in yourself. DreMo has no plans in stopping and enjoys every minute of his musical journey. Stay connected with DreamRich DreMo.

Written by Michael

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