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Dominique Xavier – Club 27

Dominique Xavier is a multi-faceted talent straight from the South side, USA. The rapper, songwriter and producer has risen through the ranks since making his debut in 2019 with high-praise support from WorldStar Hip Hop, The Source and SayCheese. This March welcomes the arrival of his widely appealing Hip-Hop EP ‘Club 27’ – the cultural phenomenon that included Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and more as we see the rapper connect in a highly personal manner at the age of 27 with past struggles of drug addiction.

The EP opens with the blissful ‘Electric’ through the rapid-fire beats and flawless flow from Dominique, while ‘Rose Gold Rollie’ reveals an uplifting and undeniably catchy pop-tinged affair. The feel good vibe continues on ‘Gin N Tonic’ and ‘Preach’, as nostalgic melodies and sweeping strings combine with trade-mark vocals for a stand-out production.

The exquisite ‘On Top’ is a futuristic cut that takes the listener on an undulating cosmic journey through pulsating basslines and warped expressions, before ‘United Kingdom’ sees a slow super single with hypnotic rhythms and heart-felt vocals. The emotional highs continue on ‘Strawberry Letter 24’, a love-letter powered by warm chords, bright sonics and plenty of finesse. The lively ‘Look Ma No Hands’ closes this mesmerising package with character and genuine feelings from front to back. 

“Club 27 is the infamous club that includes Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and others who all tragically died at the age of 27. I, Dominique Xavier, am 27, however have yet to find success in my music career. No fortune, no fame, no accolades. But what you’re going to learn about me through this project is that if I had reached the heights I aspired to at a young age, I may have fallen victim to Club 27 myself. Having just beat a 10 year pill addiction in January 2022, forgoing rehab so I could focus on the EP, this project is a representation of my real life.” Dominique Xavier

‘Club 27’ by Dominique Xavier drops on 4th March 2022.


1. Electric

2. Rose Gold Rollie

3. Gin N Tonic

4. Preach

5. On Top

6. United Kingdom

7. Strawberry Letter 24

8. Look Ma No Hands

Dominique Xavier – Club 27

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