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Cory Singer – Don’t F With Me

Cory Singer – Don’t F With Me: Cory Singer is a name you need to remember, and his latest single, “Don’t Even Try” is a bold and powerful song that showcases his remarkable vocal talent and his unique approach to music. The track is full of passion and energy, and it’s clear from the first few seconds that Singer is not holding anything back.

The song has a Western theme to it, with a rock and roll twist. The backing track is bold and daring, and Singer’s vocals are strong and full of conviction. The lyrics are straight to the point, with lines like “I’m not in the mood for your attitude” and “I will shut that sh** right down.” The song starts and finishes strong, and Singer’s annoyance fuels his performance, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue around the story in the song.

Singer has been vocal about his experiences with being bullied, and this is something that has influenced his music. “Don’t F With Me,” another one of his singles, was also inspired by his experiences with bullying. Singer has autism, and he has had to fight for himself throughout his life. He is now using his experiences to promote positivity and inspire others.

Singer is a Social Media & TikTok influencer with over 438k followers and 19 million likes on TikTok. He promotes positivity and shares his unique brand, music, and personal experiences with his followers. He has also appeared on BRAVO TV’s singing competition “The Kandi Factory,” where he won the grand prize (single and music video release), and he has performed the National Anthem for the NHL New Jersey Devils.


In addition to his music and social media presence, Singer is also on the board of directors for the I Am Able Foundation and an ambassador for the Sound Mind Network. He recently attended the Best Buddies conference in Miami, FL, as an ambassador, where he shared the stage with DJ Khaled.

“Don’t Even Try” is a stand-out single for Singer, and it shows that he is not afraid to try new things and push boundaries. It’s a powerful song that showcases his remarkable vocal talent and his unique approach to music. With his passion, energy, and talent, Cory Singer is definitely a name to remember, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Cory Singer – Don’t F With Me

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