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Cleveland Pop Vocalist Artist Cat Calabrese Is Ready To Make It Big In The Music Industry

The music industry is a place for many a million talented artists like Cat Calabrese. It has been a place and platform for many up-and-coming artists, and it provides them with the opportunities to showcase their hidden talents. Hailing from Cleveland, Cat Calabrese is a pop vocalist and songwriter. She writes her lyrics with fearless vulnerability while weaving in memorable and catchy pop melodies. The rising star Cat Calabrese is on an upbeat vibe that takes listeners on an adventure. Cat Calabrese is an emerging name in the music industry as she has built her unique identity for creating unique music sounds in her musical works.


She focuses on including unique touches in her musical works and she always prioritizes her target audiences in creating excellent music. In doing so, she is cultivating a pop sound that reflects a woman who is ready to tell her own story in her own words. Cat Calabrese shared a few things about her latest track called “Hyde”, According to her “Hyde is my first pop/hip-hop collaboration. Produced by Trill Gates, the song is a duet between me and rapper L8niteSasuke. We’re telling the story of a boyfriend whom I suspect is having an affair with another woman; L8NiteSasuke raps about him wanting me to leave the cheater behind and move on with him while also sharing his own experience with betrayal. I titled the song based on the story, ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’, about a doctor who has split personalities and alternates between his good side, Jekyll, and his evil side, Hyde. In my version, I’m calling out my partner’s duplicity and am wrestling with my intuition. I sing in the chorus, “you’ve got another one”. Purposely ambiguous, the line can be interpreted to mean that he is having an affair with another woman, or that he has another side to him that he can no longer “hyde“, she shared.

Cat Calabrese has big goals and aspirations in mind and is ready to go after them all. There is no doubt that Cat Calabrese has the pure talent it takes to join the ranks of the elite, and with due time she will certainly get there. Look for Calabrese to become a name in the industry before you know it and stay up to date with her, so you don’t miss out on any future news revolving around the rising artist. 

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