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Beth Roars Releases New Single ‘Power of the Wolf’

Beth Roars is defying expectations and she thinks you should too. Up until now, Beth’s 720,000 YouTube subscribers have known her for her upbeat and positive music critiques. But now she’s ready to show another side of herself with a fierce and edgy pop track that explores the dark side of human nature and our ability to numb ourselves with self-destructive behaviours. Her debut single ‘Power of the Wolf’, is out now.

As an independent artist, Beth has overseen every step of the creative process in her debut album Fable. The music video accompanying Power of the Wolf, made by Beth herself, explores our relationship with addiction, female body image, online culture, and the rules placed on us by society. Can we be brave enough to confront the stories we tell ourselves?


It’s been a long road of creation and self-discovery for Beth, Power of the Wolf was written over ten years ago. Unsurprisingly, Beth’s relationship with the track (and herself) has changed over that time. “When I first wrote, ‘Power Of The Wolf’ in my early twenties, it was a celebration of the wild, untamed aspects of youth. It was an anthem for those who dared to leave their mark on the world by resisting societal norms and expectations. But as time passed, I realised that what I had once seen as empowering was actually blind adherence to self-destructive patterns. The wolf, that once was a symbol of liberation for me, has become a double-edged sword. Once embodying strength, resilience and individuality, it now symbolizes society’s glorification of power and dominance. Now I see the song from a new perspective, with the awareness of having been lost in a time before I knew I needed help.”

Get ready to unleash the power within, as we embark on the first step of this captivating journey. ‘Power of the Wolf’ is available on all streaming platforms. 

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