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Arteeva – Gotta Play Your Cards Right

Arteeva enters the music scene with new Synth-Pop single ‘Gotta Play Your Cards Right’. After a successful career in modelling and acting, Arteeva falls naturally into performing with her standout debut single. Having jammed with good friend and producer Anton Fauve whom she had previously worked with in the short film ‘You Can Trust Me’, Arteeva found herself singing over one of his 10-year-old tracks and falling inevitably into the music.  

Having grown up in Belarus, Arteeva got into modeling at the young age of 19 and from this she appeared in a national Coca Cola advertising campaign.  More recently, she has relocated to London and pursued acting, her first main role coming through producer David Burns, known for his production work in films such as ‘ The Tomb Raider Suite’. Since then, she has moved towards her passion in music, this natural development into singing is evident with her voice feeling organic and unforced. 

The video is directed by Adam Morse (Lucid, China Blue) and Julia Varvara (Lucid, The Job) and features Arteeva covered head to toe in gold, feeding into the narrative of the track. The video follows the story of an extraterrestrial character coming to earth to seduce a man and entering a parallel universe, portraying themes of power and strength which Arteeva feels she represents as an artist. Arteeva states ‘‘The track is all about the power game that a woman has when she is trying to seduce a guy. Just be yourself and live the moment’’.

Musically, ‘Gotta Play Your Cards Right’ has a slow-paced seductive atmosphere, Arteeva’s melodic vocals wash over deep 80’s style synth hooks and loops. With current influences such as Billie Eilish & Dua Lipa, the overall sensual feel of the track and whispering inflections of the vocals make for a tense, enticing listen. Uplifting and mysterious, ‘Gotta Play Your Cards Right’ is a promising debut, showcasing Arteeva’s unique sound. 


Arteeva - Gotta Play Your Cards Right

With a huge social following of over 10k followers on Instagram, Arteeva is already  in a good position to make waves within the genre. This paired with the well polished music video will be sure to go down a treat,  keep an eye on her socials for more about the upcoming release. 

Arteeva – Gotta Play Your Cards Right

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