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Afrobeat Aficionado Chancellor 1 Releases New Single ‘Don’t Go There’

Afrobeat aficionado Chancellor1 opens up his 2023 discography with his emphatic debut anthem ‘don’t go there,’ – an modern reggae dancehall track which is enveloped in all the suited elements of an incessantly catchy Afro dancehall track. Featuring the esteemed fellow artist Owura Kwaku, ‘don’t go there,’ was a predominantly solo project featuring production from the prestigious KE Beatz. With the intention to ‘portray old African culture game and mix it with amapiano music & dance,’ ‘don’t go there,’ is the ideal single to soundtrack the end of summer.

Hailing from the thriving cultural hub of Ghana, Raphael Boavi Lawson – best known by his artist moniker Chancellor1 is a predominantly reggae, dancehall and afrobeat artist who has been traversing the music realm for the past 10 years. Having embarked on his musical journey over a decade ago, Chancellor1 was surrounded with a rich musical diet of both Ashanti and Ewe homes which also enabled him to garner a dedicated following from both tribes.

Despite music being his main association, Chancellor1 also boasts an esteemed academic prowess; from St.George’s International to Kumasi Academy and King’s College, he later did affiliate programs at the Cape Coast University and Sunyani Polytechnic while he still pursued his music journey in the process. With an unwavering appetite for entertainment, Chancellor1 began working at clubs, pubs and venues all across the beachfront of Ghana.

This sheer passion for entertainment and experience pumping up crowds with invigorating performances led to Chancellor1 working closely with the likes of Fiifi XelaBuddama and others. Now, he looks forward to releasing his music to a worldwide audience, including next amapiano single ‘Pilolo’. Having led the Ashanti Dancehall music chart for the past 5 years by ReverbNation, Chancellor1 is well on his way to etching his own mark into the Afrobeat scene.

Afrobeat Aficionado Chancellor 1 Releases New Single ‘Don’t Go There’
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  1. Ralf says

    Wow and good sound

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