Lexi Cline – “Thin Ice”

Lexi Cline "T hin I ce"

 The authenticity indie-pop artist Lexi Cline is known for shines through in her newest release, “Thin Ice.” Her vulnerable yet powerful lyrics mixed with the contagious melody showcase her genuine honesty – it serves as a pop anthem of embracing yourself, even the parts that may seem a little selfish. Her lyrics detail her experience giving in to that selfish side of herself, putting listeners into a moment of her being on “Thin Ice” with a date.

Her lyrics detail the arguments she’s having with herself – she makes eye contact with a different man across the room and can’t stop herself from wishing she could leave with him instead of who she originally came with. Her distinct voice smooths flawlessly over the track and further develops the honest reality of eventually giving in to what makes her feel good.  “Don’t blame me for what I’m about to do / Wanna be a little selfish – feel you, kiss you, let myself give in,” she laments conversationally over the edgy picking of the minor guitar carried by heavy percussion.

There’s a reassuring quality to her unapologetic tone – it feels like a reminder that it’s okay to give in if you feel your heart telling you to do so. She sings her bold lyrics with self-assurance about her decisions and a hint of sass, honest to her core as always.The quirky, magnetic rising star is quickly becoming a recognizable voice in the music world. “Thin Ice ” is her first release since the debut of her EP Better Late Than Never this summer, made up of her previously released singles plus a stripped version of her single “Erase You.”  She aims to inspire others to embrace themselves and all of their flaws through her music, despite what others may think. “Thin Ice” is available everywhere now – be sure to download and stream, and be on the lookout for more from the pop princess – follow her journey below:

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