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Voice2Rep releases latest album ‘This Is the truth: Cyberculture

From the ever important Nigerian initiative Voice2Rep comes this remarkable new album entitled ‘This Is The Truth,’ – a 10 track album featuring a grand total of 14 artists who collaborated to produce an Afrobeat masterclass. The album was created with the unwavering purpose of tackling the issues of cybersecurity in Nigeria and Voice2Rep helped ‘recognise music as a tool for change, having young music artists who were previously money-driven understand the concept of using their voices to advocate for critical issues in their community.

Over a three day recording period at Voice2Rep’s Accountability Music Hub Studio, the album was completed with the help of music and development experts who offered help on songwriting and storytelling.  ‘We want the listeners to be well informed of their digital rights, data breaches and protection while freely expressing their concerns in their communities.’

Voice2Rep is a music campaign and a movement that empowers the youth to be the voice of change in Nigeria. With a mission to amplify representation, participation, and accountability, this dynamic initiative offers a platform for emerging artists to create socially conscious music and engage with the nation’s leaders. In 2023, Voice2Rep has set its sights on critical issues surrounding digital rights, data privacy, and freedom of expression.


Through the power of music, these artists use their voices to raise awareness and advocate for these pressing concerns, making their mark on Nigeria’s social and political landscape. Over the years, Voice2Rep has produced three exceptional albums, each brimming with socially conscious songs that tackle diverse issues, from elections and good governance to women’s rights, human rights, and business integrity.

The artists who emerge from this campaign don’t stop at creating music; they become leading advocates, passionately championing causes that directly impact the lives of young people in Nigeria. Voice2Rep acts as a catalyst for change and an unwavering source of inspiration for the next generation of Nigerian artists and activists.

Voice2Rep releases latest album ‘This Is the truth: Cyberculture

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