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 Nick Panchuk Shares New Video For ‘Fire Fight’ 

Nikolay Panchuk who goes by the moniker of Nick Panchuk is a multi-talented vocalist and songwriter blending elements of pop and rock in his unique sound. Now back with the new single ‘Fire Fight’, Nick once again demonstrates his abilities as both a composer, producer and a performer on a track full of well crafted instrumentation and affecting lyricism. 

An enticing mix of catchy vocal lines, driving guitars, cinematic electronics and pulsing drums, ‘Fire Fight’ is a prime example of Nick’s unique genre blending sound. With elements of pop, dance and rock all coming together in an overwhelming soundscape, the new single delivers a punchy, passionate and musically complex track full of emotion and depth instantly comparable to the likes of Linkin Park.    

Speaking about the new single, Nick explains: The song intentionally relates to different things for different people. When the song was written, I was going through some darker times and was struggling to find somebody there for support. I always had myself to push me forward though, to not give up. This is what the song relates to, this internal (or for some people, external) fight with yourself or with someone or something that pushes you forward in times when things get tough and you want to give up. Give up on your dreams, give up on the people that love you, give up on life really. For some people, the song talks about the important people in their life that pushed them through when they wanted to give up. For some, it will be speaking to their internal self belief. 

Anyone who ever went through tough times will know that sometimes, it is a monumental struggle to even get out of bed, a never ending Fire Fight, but everyone has that someone or something in their life to give them the necessary strength to get through anything, its only a matter of finding that something.”

Nick Panchuk began playing live shows in Brisbane, as a Solo act towards the end of last year. Having previously released a full-length album Invisible Me, 2022 sees Nick continue to release exciting new music as he builds an ever growing fanbase. Drawing passion and inspiration from seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they hear his songs, his overarching ambition is to empower people through his music – allowing the messages within his songs to resonate with others and impact their lives in a positive way.

With a series of new releases planned over the coming months, Nick is highlighting his passion and love for music as an art form as he explores various themes by delving deeper into the emotions that encompass the human psyche. 

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