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Kanye West Now Worth 6.6 Billion Dollars

Amidst his divorce case with his wife Kim Kardashan, still on process Kanye West is on the news again for a good reason as the net worth of the singer has risen to 6.6 billion dollars.The 43-year-old rapper is presently worth over $6.6 billion, according to a revelation made by PEOPLE. Half of his total worth comes from his Yeezy shoe and clothing realm, which included with Gap and adidas. The brand was estimated between $3.2 billion and $4.7 billion by UBS Group AG.

According to further revelation made by Kanye West’s layer shows that Kanye has $122 million in cash and stock and additional $110.5 million from his music catalog, plus $1.7 billion in other assets, including a significant investment in SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s underwear label.His shoe deal with adidas remains his largest asset and continues to grow at a “staggering” rate, according to UBS’ analysis.

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