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ION Prepares To Release His Latest Elevating Hip-Hop single ‘Eskimo Music’

Indie-trap artist ION prepares to release his latest stripped-back and elevating Hip-Hop single ‘Eskimo Music’ this April. 

Emerging talent ION is the moniker of London born Jon Sadiku, whose origins are from Kosovo. His music seeks to explore creative themes, uniquely blending witty lyricism and dreamy soundscapes that from the ground up are built to be sonically cohesive. This April now welcomes the arrival of ‘Eskimo Music’ – an eclectic slice and icy journey of Hip-Hop from the impressive talent. 

‘Eskimo Music’ is fueled by bright synth lines, synthetic trap percussion and snappy rhythmic patterns. ION’s undeniably catchy flow adds vital texture to this chilled-out, hip-hop affair with inspiration taken from the lives of the Inuit people (Eskimos). The playful trap-infused beat combined with the friendly and captivating lyrics reveal a track that is destined to have listeners replaying time and time again. 

“Eskimo Music is part of an EP that explores the theme of ‘being in the cold’. This song specifically tackles this concept with a warmer approach, it is the energetic pick of the bunch that I made to be agile and dynamic. My favourite part is when my high-pitched vocals appear in the middle of the verse, they really emphasize the playful nature of the song.”ION 

ION spent a large amount of his upbringing in the Kosovan mountains, with this pure environment helping him develop his abstract way of thinking and creating material as an artist. He is able to take ‘inspiration from the smallest of things every day’ and makes music purely because it’s a legitimate art form that he is passionate about. His current artist influences include the likes of JPEGMAFIA and LUCKI.

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