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Hoodoo Jim Releases His New Single Entitled – Party Girls

Hoodoo Jim is a DJ and producer whose music is powered by a dreamy soundscape of unique electronic beats, layered backgrounds and punchy basslines. Influenced by the Atlanta Trap sound including Young Thug, Gunna and Playboi Carti, this multifaceted talent showcases a different take on the genre while utilising playful melodies and a wide range of discussions through his lyricism. Now awaits a new single, Party Girls’ set to release this March.

Opening with a sure-fire bassline and rolling percussion, ‘Party Girls’ boasts a high-powered track, filled with flourishing beats and low-rattling ends. Hoodoo’s voice effortlessly glides across the track as we see a carefree, approach through the power of lyrics while the pulsating effects and pop-tinged aesthetic all combine for an immensely infectious cut. 

“Party Girls is about living in excess and abundance. An almost unrealistic, otherworldly lifestyle most people can only dream of. It’s about having fun and not caring, just enjoying yourself. I touch on a few sad topics, but ultimately there’s much more to be happy about.” – Hoodoo Jim

Hoodoo Jim has accumulated over 70,000 streams across Spotify alone since making his debut in 2018. His live sets and performances are full of life and guaranteed to get the crowd’s attention. This year welcomes further innovation from Hoodoo across the genre, as he wants to push ahead with more hypnotic rhythms and memorable flows proving exactly why he’s an artist to watch out for. 

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