Dbanj Unveils Creame De La Cream Platform

Dbanj Unveils Creame De La Cream Platform: Nigerian prolific singer D’Banj has unveiled a new platform which he titled  “CREAM DE LA CREAM.”

Speaking about his new platform the singer revealed that CREAM is the same as CREAM DELA CREAM. He further said that the platform will help discover talent in the entertainment world.

The announcement was made during D’Banj’s 42nd birthday which was celebrated a few days ago.

CREAM is an acronym that stands for Creative, Reality, Entertainment, Arts and Music. The CREAM platform is a digital platform aka the gateway to a creative hub of Africa. People can upload their content from anywhere in the world and get discovered and now while waiting to be discovered on the CREAM platform for your talent, you have the opportunity to win luxury gift items by participating in the CREAM bid. Every week there are 3 to 4 different categories to bid for. And for the month of June, there is sum of 100 thousand naira to be won every day. The lucky winner is the person with lowest unique number’. 

In addition, the singer also did a 1 million naira giveaway on his Instagram page which was won by Joseph Victor.

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