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Chloe Mogg Releases New Single ‘Heaven Sent You’

Hailing from Worcestershire, Chloe Mogg is a dynamic force in the West Midlands music scene. Whether she’s involved in journalism or creating her own music, Chloe is a singer-songwriter who injects life and vibrant colors into every project she takes on. After a three-year hiatus, she is back with her latest single, “Heaven Sent You,” a track lifted from her upcoming debut album, “The Crazy One.”

“Heaven Sent You” is an alternative rock song that encapsulates one of the best nights of Chloe’s life. With a sound that blends influences of Alanis Morissette, Jade Bird, and Sheryl Crow, the track pays homage to all the people who have played significant roles in Chloe’s life. It is a tribute to those who have stood by her through thick and thin, offering unwavering support. Musically, the song features haunting harmonies, fuzz-like guitar lines, and a pulsating drum beat that carries the listener along.

Chloe’s debut album, “The Crazy One,” is the culmination of a decade filled with relationship breakups, childhood stories, and identity crises. The album weaves together themes of mental health, discrimination towards disabilities, and heartbreak, all centered around a common thread: growth. Engineered and mastered with the assistance of Alex Vine Ruiz at Swan Studios, the album includes notable collaborations with Ali Clinton (Conflict Choir, Bernie Marsden from Whitesnake, Uli Jon Roth), Jack Bowles (Thomas Atlas), George Cook (Thomas Atlas), Chloe’s father Ian Mogg, and Mirron Webb (RAIN).

Having gained radio play on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing with her debut folktronica EP, “Thalamus,” Chloe released three singles in 2020: the electronic number “Judgment Day,” the trip-hop-infused “Helping Hand,” and the ethereal track “Attack,” which garnered international support. Her debut album brings together all of Chloe’s diverse influences, resulting in her most multifaceted work to date.

Chloe is a strong advocate for raising awareness about “invisible” illnesses. She has been featured on BBC Radio 1’s Minute of Me and appeared as a featured artist for BBC News online, discussing discrimination faced by musicians with disabilities. During the first lockdown in 2020, Chloe co-created The 7 Arts Still Exist, an online platform where artists and musicians could showcase their talents. The event gained viral attention and received accolades from BBC Radio 1 and beyond. In recognition of her contributions, Chloe was honored with the ‘Local Hero’ award at the AIM Music Awards in 2021.

Chloe Mogg’s artistic journey is characterized by vibrant colors, emotional depth, and a commitment to raising awareness and supporting others. With her upcoming album, “The Crazy One,” she invites listeners into her world of growth and self-discovery, delivering a powerful musical experience that resonates on multiple levels. Chloe’s unique blend of influences and her dedication to making a positive impact in the music industry make her a rising star to watch.

Chloe Mogg Releases New Single ‘Heaven Sent You’
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