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American Scholar Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Elected as First Black-Creole Descent & Youngest Vice President with the Maryland Writers’ Association

Madame Gabrielle Alexandra Smith has broken a lot of barriers throughout the world. VP-Elect Smith speaks briefly with Spinex about her new role in the United States of America.

Spinex: Tell us about your new appointed role and organization.

VP-Elect Smith: Yesterday, I got elected unanimously as the new Vice President for the Howard County Chapter with The Maryland Writers Association. Presides in lieu of the President in the event of his or her absence or unavailability. Attend State Board meetings in the absence of the President. 
The Maryland Writers’ Association (MWA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the art, business, and craft of writing in all its forms. 
MWA strives to: Bring together aspiring, emerging, and established writers of all genres and disciplines. Serve as an information and networking resource. 

Spinex: When do you take office?

VP-Elect Smith: July 19, 2021, at the Annual Board Meeting. While getting appointed at this ceremony, 14 Presidents will get sworn in. 

Spinex: What do you hope to bring as the First Black-Creole and Youngest Vice President-Elect?

VP-Elect Smith: Creative ideas to enhance the organization. Guidance to the President in any shape or form. As an American Scholar, I believe literature is extremely important. We must be educated to understand the world we all live in. Literature is another outlet and avenue for information to get passed on. 
There is nothing against fiction. However, I only and will always write non-fiction because there is a true essence of life that lives in real information. I enjoy writing and reading real information. 

Spinex: As the new VP-Elect, how will the literature sector in America influence your international connections?

VP-Elect Smith: I am currently working on workshops and curriculums that will continue broadening the minds of professional writers. In any leadership position, there are spaces to incorporate creative ideas. 
A lot of these creative ideas can be with my international connections. I have connections in every state and continent. I am always open to collaborations and partnerships whether nationally and on an international level with any of the hats that I wear.

Spinex: Will this get in the way of your career in entertainment?

VP-Elect Smith: No. 

Spinex: Many people cannot juggle all of the hats that you wear. It is becoming questionable as to how you are doing it and succeeding. You are an extremely hard-working woman. We Nigerians look up to your hard work.

VP-Elect Smith: I get about 30-60 minutes of sleep each night. I currently have fatigue. However, I am working through it. 

Spinex: Where does your ambition come from?

VP-Elect Smith: I was born ambitious. It is in my blood and veins. Regardless of a negative or positive encounter with any individual, I am always complimented on my work ethic and drive. These are two traits that high and respect entertainment professionals have told me. This is what separates me from the rest of the individuals. I am not sure if this is because I am an American or not. 

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