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Vadie Shares New Single ‘lovely Mood’

The new single ‘Lovely Mood‘ from prolific Reggae artist Vadie is drenched in positive vibes & radiates that sunshine sound. Musically, the inch-perfect production is layered with a dense soundscape of various timbres; deep, sub bass paired with a low kick, snappy & catchy snares in symmetry with the clap track, percussive instruments sprinkled throughout each verse nestled in the mix & and the dulcet tones of Vadie’s perfect voice rest idyllically at the top of the sonic spectrum.

The song’s lyrical topic is just as uplifting as the accompanying music – ‘Lovely mood when I’m next to you,’ ‘the perfect time and place for you to feel my embrace,’ ‘I’ll turn your grey skies to blue,’ are just a few of the incessantly joyous lines spouted from Vadie in this catchy post-summer hit. ‘Lovely Mood,’ is a remarkable Reggae Dancehall track certain not to miss!


Born Vaughn WhiteVadie is a remarkably talented Reggae icon who is desperately eager to make his mark on the scene and surpass the legacies established by his inspirational heroes of the past. Hailing & raised in the enriched parish of Kingston, Vadie’s most significant musical influence during his impressionable childhood was his father, Larry White – a veteran musician who played with the legendary Studio One Band.

Drawing on his father’s musical palette, Vadie had an expansive & rich creative diet in his upbringing which ultimately shaped his artist persona today and amalgamated into what his fans know today as the iconic Vadie. This enigmatic, easy going entertainer launched his career in 2005 yet is still continually making great strides in the music business and flaunts a diverse, impressive discography including tracks like, ‘Nuh Come Round,’ and, ‘From Mi Born.’ Possessing a unique vocal style all of his own coupled with dazzling songwriting skills, it will only be a matter of time before Vadie erupts onto the forefront of the Reggae scene. 

Vadie Shares New Single ‘lovely Mood’

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