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Lil Tapz is changing the culture of hip-hop in 2022

Lil Tapz knows what it’s like having to work relentlessly to make it in the music industry. Lil Tapz is one of those people that has self-awareness and knows how to put himself around people and situations that will take him to the next level.

Lil Tapz returned to the spotlight where he belongs with a new releases album titled “Up in Space”, followed by his recent single “How it is”, which has hundreds and thousands of streams combined together. His smooth flow and delivery bring a different and unique sound to his music.

Lil Tapz’s success in music has allowed him to move in a big way and share the stage with some big names such as Luck3rd and YoungTapz. He is just getting started, though. Look for the young artist to make a handful of big moves over the course of the year 2022.  

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