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Kiss Kanoo Shares New Single “Dark Side”

Kiss Kanoo is an emerging artist based in east London. Italian born and raised in the US and Australia, she combines influences from these different cultures, which culminate in a fresh and dynamic pop sound that has helped her establish a fanbase that is rapidly expanding with each release. Despite only arriving on the scene in 2020 and with just five singles to her name, she has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone as an independent artist. And with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, she looks set to continue her impressive rise with new release “Dark Side”

“Dark Side” commands attention on first listen with a stadium-sounding alternative electro-pop sound, which is littered with infectious melodies and a  huge anthemic hook that will surely be etched into everyone’s head. It’s boosted further by a strong and dynamic vocal performance from Kiss Kanoo. With her debut EP expected later this year, it’s clear from “Dark Side” that the forthcoming project will be one to look out for. 

Speaking further on “Dark Side”, Kiss Kanoo says, “This is the second single from my EP, Primordial, and it’s part of the story in the EP in which Kiss Kanoo relapses into her dark side just to be able to survive. Primordial is the story of Kiss Kanoo going through different chapters of her life, and this is the chapter in which she is trying to survive the world around her with any means she has. The first single ‘Believr’ was about being hopeful and good towards the world but sometimes it seems like this isn’t enough. We also need our dark side to survive.” “Dark Side” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://ffm.to/kisskanoo.


Kiss Kanoo is an emerging pop artist, singer-songwriter and show designed based in east London, who is rising through the music scene with the support of some of the most influential designers who believe in her project and her artistic mission. Italian born and raised in the US and Australia, Kiss Kanoo comes ready with a swathe of influences culminating in a collection of different cultures. 

Kiss Kanoo’s biggest influences are K/DA, Lady Gaga and Grimes. Growing up with pop, punk and cyberpunk influences, she is also trying to incorporate these into a new electrifying pop sound. She is also committed to delivering high quality visuals and aesthetics in line with her pop sound, but ultimately, she is here to make people dance! Her new single, “Dark Side”, is out now on all platforms.

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