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International Journalist Makes Civil Rights Activist Dream Come True

Gabrielle Alexandra Smith was born January 14, 1997 in Northeast, Washington, DC. She attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts. She was in the best department called Museum Studies. 

She works in entertainment as a journalist. Aside from that, she is a strong and ambitious black woman who is extremely ahead of her time. 

She is also a fashion designer, private chef, human rights activist, mathematician, and much more.Gabrielle Alexandra Smith is the first to do a lot. Her memoir which is called Herstory at the moment is currently streaming on Instagram/Facebook.

In her spare time, she exercises at Planet Fitness in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, talks to her best friend Ezekiel Datcher, and cooks.

Smith holds two degrees in English and Communication. She pursued these degrees while doing what Christopher Columbus could have which is interview at least one person in every state and continent in just 13 days while in at SUNY Purchase.

Furthermore, at 24 she made Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream come true. She wrote on her Instagram:

“America, me and my 1st mentor made Martin Luther King’s dream come true.

“I was never judged from my skin color during any of my interviews neither were the people that read it. I was only judged for my mouth which is the content of character.” -Gabrielle Alexandra Smith

She currently lives in Washington, DC and works as a Site Director at Two Rivers Public Charter School with ages 5-13.

Instagram: gabrielle_alexandra_smith

Facebook: Gabrielle Alexandra Smith

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