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Exclusive Interview: Malcolm X’s Daughter’s Prodigy Goes Global In Just Weeks

Madam Gabrielle’s memoir debut Herstory unexpectedly dropped almost two weeks ago on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. She talks about how it all started and gives us more insight into her 1st mentor, which she never mentions.

Spinex: How did this memoir start?
“An ex acquaintance sister sent me on Instagram and called me a weirdo and a female dog.” The actually derogatory word. 

Spinex: Who is your 1st mentor?
” My 1st mentor is Dr. Ilyasah Shabazz, who is the third daughter of Malcolm X. Other than her, white people have helped me my whole life. I have been spit on, beat, recorded without myself, extorted for money, treated inhumanely by my own people all my life, since elementary. I honestly feel like I do not belong in the black community.  

Dr. Shabazz has a list of pioneer friends such as Collette V. Smith who is the First African American Female Coach in the NFL history. Also, Ashley Sharpton, who is Rev Al Sharpton’s daughter. The list goes on.  

I was just a little ole black girl in college trying to get an education. This was a threat to black people, not white people. White men and women welcomed me with open arms.

Again, aside from Dr. Shabazz WHITE PEOPLE have assisted me with education. The correct education. The whole argument of whites does not like blacks are not true. A white woman named Dr. Katherine Kidd helped me from freshman to senior year.   

Spinex: Woah, How did this come to be?
“My goal was to interview a descendant from Dr. King, Malcolm X, and Gandhi. They are the last family lineages on Earth. In my memoir, I state why I did not get to interview a King descendant. I got to interview Dr. Shabazz and Gandhi, who through research are friends.”

Spinex: Explain what happens leading up to the interview.
“Well, each interview is different. I have a different process for each person being interviewed. For Dr. Shabazz, I studied all her interviews both written and videos to the point I could recite them. I had told my significant at the time my interview was with a Malcolm X descendant. He paused in shock. ‘How did you get that?” 
I never finished studying because I was taking 6 upper-level courses and being stalked and bullied. 

Spinex: Before we move on, Madam do you miss college? Mostly junior and senior year?
“No, it was seriously hell. I felt and was treated like a prisoner in my dorm. It is great what I accomplished, but some things should not be repeated. 

Every night I texted Dr. Shabazz about the treatment. I kept my being in college a secret. I did not want her to judge me. As highly intelligent as she is, I believe she knew because my grammatical mistakes resembled a college student’s.I picked her out of all six sisters because her father, Malcolm was never taught in my grade school. They taught him as a violent man. I seriously wanted to fix his representation. I am so tired of history messing up and miscue my people’s history. This was my purpose for interviewing her. I fell asleep in my dorm and woke up at 9:30 am, New York time. This was the time of our interview. I rescheduled for 9:45 am. 

Instead of doing the interview, we just talked for an hour. We both talk a lot so we talked over each other the whole time. I studied her father after the interview. My favorite sermons are “Knowledge and Truth.” I listened to his speech “The Ballot or The Bullet” over five times. 

I started to learn more about life and history through my interviews. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing.
I would have never graduated with two of the hardest college degree if it were not for Dr. Ilyasah Shabazz. I cried every night. She told me not to give up. 

From being seriously stalked, recorded without my consent, hit, extorted for money, lied on during my junior and senior year, I developed a serious case of anxiety, which makes me have more than usual communication. This is why I texted and called her so much. She is the only one that understood this and me.

Dr. Shabazz is the only one outside of my family who celebrated my birthday.

Spinex: What did you all discuss?
“She would send me gospel music and scriptures to ease my anxiety. We talked about working together.
She was my lifeline which is why I texted and called her so much. She did not mine. The treatment in college that senior year was so bad. I wanted to quit every night. 

Spinex: What college in the United States did you attend?
“State University of New York College at Purchase. Also, called SUNY Purchase located in Westchester, New York.

Spinex: I know this is off topic but with glasses on you all ALOT alike.
“Okay, Where is Malcolm X Month? Forget a day.”Currently, Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith’s memoir debut Herstory is currently streaming on Facebook and Instagram.Facebook: Gabrielle Alexandra SmithInstagram: Gabrielle_Alexandra_Smith

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