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City Girls – Twerkulator (Official Video)

After much anticipation, City Girls deliver an epic video for their summer smash. Directed by none other than Missy Elliott, with creative direction from Derek Blanks, the video opens with an emergency warning from the hip-hop icon.

“This is not a test. Everyone, please take shelter immediately. The Twerkulators have already invaded Twerk-City and you don’t have much time,” says Missy. “They’ve already landed and they’re taking over. Run for cover, motherfu**ers.”

As the giant booties wreak havoc across the city, Yung Miami and JT show off their choreographed moves, wearing pink MCM bodysuits that match the pink wallpaper. They shake their moneymakers while surrounded by talking heads in a wig shop and even serve as the hands of time on a watch face.

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