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Cardi B’s Infamous Mic Up for Auction on eBay

In a turn of events that could only happen in the world of celebrity culture, Cardi B’s microphone, which she famously threw into the crowd during an incident in Las Vegas, has found its way to an eBay auction. The incident occurred at Drai’s Nightclub, where the Bronx-born artist was performing when a fan crossed the line and threw a full cup of liquid and ice at her in the scorching Vegas heat. In retaliation, Cardi B hurled her microphone into the crowd, creating headlines and viral videos across the nation.

The microphone, originally valued at $1,000, belongs to a local Vegas-based company that supplies audio equipment to clubs in the area. Scott Fisher, the owner of the company, confirmed the authenticity of the microphone with its recognizable white “MAIN” tape at the base. Surprisingly, despite its aerial adventure, the microphone remained functional and usable. Potential buyers in the eBay auction have the chance to own this iconic piece of pop culture history, although they will need to procure a receiver separately to utilize it for their own purposes.

The eBay listing, created by Scott Fisher, explained the significance of the microphone: “This is the mic that has been seen all over the country flying into the crowd after Cardi B, was splashed with some liquid. The mic still works, as I tested it when it came back to the audio shop this afternoon. If you ever wanted to use it, you would still need a receiver, which is not part of the auction. I will also include a letter stating this is the actual microphone shown in all the videos being shown nationwide.”

What sets this auction apart is Fisher’s decision to do something good with the proceeds. The entire profit from the sale of the microphone will be donated to two charities, with the funds evenly split. The first beneficiary is a local Las Vegas charity called Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which undoubtedly appreciates the unexpected windfall from an unusual source.

As the news about the auction spread, interest in the microphone soared. Starting with an initial bid of $500, the auction has attracted 61 participants so far, with the highest bid reaching an astounding $85,000 at the time of reporting. This unprecedented level of interest shows just how significant this piece of memorabilia has become.

However, while the microphone auction has turned into a philanthropic endeavor, the aftermath of the incident itself was not without its legal repercussions. The person who claims to have been hit by the thrown microphone pursued legal action against Cardi B, leading to a pending battery case for the rapper.

Amidst all the drama, Cardi B has continued to focus on her music. On July 28, she collaborated with her husband, Offset, for their latest track, “JEALOUSY,” which serves as a bold response to their critics.

The eBay auction of Cardi B’s infamous microphone continues to attract attention from fans and collectors alike. As the bidding war rages on, it remains to be seen who will be the lucky winner to claim a piece of pop culture history while contributing to a good cause in the process.

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