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Cardi B Set to Receive $350K Settlement in Back Tattoo Lawsuit

Cardi B Set to Receive $350K Settlement in Back Tattoo Lawsuit: Cardi B, the iconic rapper behind the hit song “WAP,” has once again emerged triumphant in a highly contentious legal battle. The recent victory against Kevin Brophy marks another significant win for Cardi in a series of high-stakes legal entanglements.

The lawsuit revolved around a tattoo image that Brophy claimed Cardi exploited without his consent. He alleged that the distinctive tattoo on his back was used without permission as the cover art for Cardi’s mixtape, Gangsta B**tch Music, Vol. 1. Seeking recompense, Brophy sued the rap sensation for a staggering $5 million. However, a California jury sided with Cardi, effectively extinguishing the plaintiff’s hopes for a financial windfall.

Cardi B Set to Receive $350K Settlement in Back Tattoo Lawsuit

Following the verdict, Cardi took to Twitter in 2022 to express her overwhelming gratitude and relief. In an emotional tweet, she wrote, “I just won this lawsuit… I’m so emotional right now. I wanna kiss God’s feet right now… I’M BEYOND GRATEFUL!!!!”

Cardi’s legal prowess wasn’t the only factor at play in her triumph. According to Billboard’s June 12 report, Brophy agreed to bear the burden of $350,000 in legal expenses incurred by Cardi during the trial. Additionally, he dropped any plans to challenge the verdict or request a new trial, effectively putting an end to the dispute.

This agreement effectively neutralizes any potential legal maneuvers from Brophy, while Cardi waives her right to pursue attorney’s fees. The outcome likely brings relief to both parties involved, bringing closure to a protracted and contentious legal chapter that began in 2017.

Previously, Brophy had claimed that the controversial cover image had damaged his reputation. The disputed photo depicted a man, believed to be Brophy, positioned between Cardi’s legs as she casually sipped a Corona beer. The complainant argued that the image created a false impression of his personal values and family life.

Cardi’s successful defense against Brophy is not her only recent legal victory. In a defamation case, a Georgia jury ordered controversial YouTuber Tasha K to pay her nearly $4 million. Furthermore, in 2022, a New York judge dismissed a defamation suit against Cardi and her sister, Hennessy Carolina.

Despite the legal turbulence, Cardi remains steadfast in charting her path in the music industry. Her debut mixtape, Gangsta B**tch Music, Vol. 1, released in 2016, paved the way for her chart-topping album, Invasion of Privacy. While fans may have to wait a while for her next project, Cardi has made recent guest appearances on various tracks, including Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor Again” and GloRilla’s “Tomorrow 2.” Cardi’s indomitable spirit continues to shine bright as she navigates both the legal arena and the music industry.

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