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American-Swiss Rising Star Milune Shares New Single ‘Lunacy’

American-Swiss Rising Star Milune Shares New Single ‘Lunacy’: Milune, the talented rising star hailing from the United States and Switzerland, has set her sights on a noble mission – creating a safe space for individuals grappling with issues such as mental health, sexuality, and self-discovery amid life’s demanding challenges and the complexities of love. This profound purpose fuels her greatest passion.

Milune’s latest release, titled “Lunacy,” is a mesmerizing indie-pop composition that exudes both allure and menace. With its sunny and uplifting melodies, this captivating song demands to be experienced through headphones, with the volume dialed up to the max. Listeners will find themselves entranced by Milune’s emotive vocals and the intriguing blend of guitar, synthesizer, and keyboards that grace the production.

Through “Lunacy,” Milune showcases her ever-expanding musical talents and boundless creativity. Drawing from her own deeply resonating experiences and subjects, this track serves as a sharpened addition to her already impressive discography. As she continues to evolve personally and professionally, her artistry exemplifies her unwavering dedication to solidifying her presence in the music industry.

Reflecting on the essence of “Lunacy,” Milune shares her insight: “Embracing the madness, the lunacy, is an exhilarating aspect of personal growth and life in general. Sometimes, true healing lies in accepting the chaos that surrounds us.” With these words, she invites her audience to revel in the magic of embracing the extraordinary and finding solace within the unpredictable journey of self-discovery.


Milune’s journey in music began within the nurturing embrace of a musical environment. From her adolescence, she found solace and self-expression through songwriting. It was her mother, who managed music and vocal studios, that provided unwavering support and nurtured her own musical ambitions. Guided by her mother’s extensive experience, Milune’s career was fueled with a passion that burned brightly within her. In 2022, she introduced herself to the world with the release of her debut single, ‘What Am I Living For?’.

Following her impressive debut, Milune continued to captivate her devoted fan base with a series of compelling follow-up singles, including ‘Rose Garden’ and ‘Hide’. Through these releases, she consistently demonstrated her exceptional musical abilities, leaving her fans eagerly anticipating each new offering.

In parallel to her blossoming music career, Milune embarked on a journey to connect with her audience on social media. It was through these platforms that she discovered a shared understanding and empathy with her fans, as they navigated similar struggles with mental health and the challenges of accepting oneself amidst societal pressures. Milune’s openness and authenticity resonated deeply with individuals, particularly those within the LGBTQI+ community, fostering a supportive and inclusive space.

The year 2023 brought an abundance of exciting opportunities for Milune. Numerous labels expressed interest, recognizing her immense talent, and she secured a sync deal that further propelled her artistry into the spotlight. Renowned producers clamored to collaborate with her, drawn to her unique sound and vision. Additionally, she embarked on international shows in prestigious music hubs such as Brussels, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris, solidifying her presence on the global stage. Filled with gratitude and excitement, Milune eagerly anticipates the chance to share her artistry and expand her ever-growing fan base around the world.

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