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Callie Prince – She Calls Me Baby

Country singer-songwriter, Callie Prince, has released her new heartbreak ballad, “She Calls Him Baby.” The song is available at all major digital retailers at this link

Written by Prince, Max King, and Ryan Kohn, and produced by Kohn, “She Calls Him Baby” features the singer’s plaintive story-telling vocals over a simple track of delicate acoustic and steel guitar as she recounts the hurt of knowing another woman has the man that she’s in love with.

Prince proudly says, “This song is so special and real. It has brought back my love for old country music!”

The Mississippi native has carved out a strong niche in the country genre as an artist who can deliver hurting songs quite like no other. The exceptionally talented songstress independently released her first song in 2020 and has since followed it with now eight additional singles, impressively engaging her online fanbase with combined streaming numbers on Spotify and Apple Music in the hundreds of thousands.


Mississippi born and raised, Callie Prince now resides in Nashville and is quickly rising among the ranks of Music City’s best and brightest young country singer-songwriters and regularly featured at many of the city’s most coveted showcase performance events. Prince began singing at a very young age, and songwriting and playing guitar followed when she turned sixteen.

Being from a small town and a true country girl at heart, she is personable with her fans through songs from her own real-life experiences that cuts to the core of the subject matter to connect with her listeners. Combining her love of country music and her humble relatable writing style she engages people to really feel the stories she has to tell.

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